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BauSound has been providing live sound, recording, and mixing for Sofar Austin since November of 2015. Here are some of our videos where we have contributed the sound.   We offer live video recording/production with multichannel sound recording and remixed sound in conjunction with Swng Productions.


The Wild Now - "Far Away"
Ruby Jane - "Rainbows"
Duncan Fellows - "Coffins"
Magna Carda - "They Watchin' Me"
Rain Collectors - "Turn"
The Wild Now - "Salt"
That Girl Dre- "Doctor"
Sons of Santos - "Out the Door"
MGC - "Back With Me"
Plantation - "Your Bones"
Adia Victoria - "Howlin' Shame"
Big Coat - "Bothersome"
Leo Lydon - "False Dreams"
Netherfriends - "I Need a Ladyfriend"
Atlas Youth - "Silika"
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