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My  name  is  Scott Baumann,  and  I  am  a  scientist  by

trade.  I own a company called  MAT-CS  that  specializes

in  materials analysis  (   Around  2007

I started out running sound for FUMC, a large Methodist

church in Round Rock, TX (  I don’t like

to  do  things  halfway  so I approached live sound like a

scientist, trying to understand the different components

that go into a mix and what makes a band sound good.

 In 2009 I took a paid position at the church as tech director and this gave me great exposure to a variety of technical challenges like orchestras, choirs, and handbells.  In 2012 I had to resign as tech director when MAT-CS became very successful and started requiring virtually all of my free time, but I continued mixing sound for their contemporary services.  Several of the musicians from the church had bands of their own, and asked me to help out running sound for gigs outside of church.  During that time I came to realize that I really enjoy the aspects of live sound, and started putting together my own PA system.


Fast forward a few years, and I now have run sound at over 400 church services, typically with 300 worshippers in attendance.  I’ve also totally rebuilt the PA system at the church and along with some help improved the sound in the room dramatically, plus upgraded the stage lighting from old school incandescent to LED spotlights.  Meanwhile I have set up, mixed, and torn down for over 100 “outside” shows with a variety of musicians.  Thanks to my experience at my previous job as a scientist in Silicon Valley I am experienced with electronics and can quickly diagnose and fix problems with PA systems.  Once you’ve had to repair a million volt particle accelerator (with no manual) then working with amps, mixers, and speakers isn’t so scary.  I am proud that I can overcome almost any technical problem and have never had to delay or cancel a show, including when a mixer died 20 minutes before a start time.

So, I mix live sound for fun, not for a living.  That doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously, or that I do it for free.  I typically don’t schlep 600 pounds of gear around for free, and I also believe “You get what you pay for.”  On the other hand, my pricing is very competitive, and can be flexible (depending upon how much I like you and your sound!).   

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